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S.C.M. Società Commerciale Marmi, was born in 1995, for advertising and marketing of the most prestigious Bolivian marble, the Sodalite blue.
The Sodalite Blue mine was discovered on Bolivians Ande by the ancient Incas.
For is particurally and intensive colour, it was worked by the Incas manufactures for making precious or artistic objects.
Behind Montezuma, important Incas king, the bolivian Sodalite Blue know his major diffusion and utilization.
To defence the mine against the Spanish invasion, it was couvered by a big vegetation and every sign of its existence was lost in time.
Only in 1985 the Bolivian Sodalite Blue mine was discovered and carried back to light.
With a considerable employ of men and machinery,it was built the infrastructures, bridges and roads, to reached the mine at 3.800 mt. on the Bolivian Ande.
Today, the Blu Sodalite is a new reality in marble sector.
Availible in our Company located in Forte dei Marmi in Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, and small blocks suitable for sculptural works, this precious marble, is used in different parts of the world (from Moscques of Arabia to Casinò in Las Vegas) and appreciated by important architects  especially in interior design and yachtsbuilding.
To respond to the increasing demands of the market we branched Our activities in two different companies:

- SCM Srl., company specializing in marketing and selling of various marbles, onix and semi-precious stone  in blocks and slabs.

- Remarmo Srl., this company is specialized to follow a work in all its stages, starting from the technical inspection to the site, to create the executive drawings by our team, to fixing and laying by our expert team, until the assistance after work.

Combining the continuous technological innovations of the processing of marble the tradition, craftsmanship, the ability to make every single piece of the craftsmen in Versilia.

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